What is Reiki

Everything around us has energy. From the plant along your corridor, the trees outside your house, the piece of paper you write on, the building you live in, the river in the park, the world and the universe around us. This source of energy is unlimited, it is invisible, it is elusive, it is all around us. It is the fuel that drives human and everything. Like a river flowing in us endlessly. This is Reiki. The universal spiritual energy of everything.

At XunReiki, this spiritual energy is channeled as a Reiki treatment for a holistic healing of your physical ailments, emotional and mental challenges, energy and aura. During the Reiki session, you may experience a flow of energy through the body, a warm tingling feeling, a vision of colored lights, spiritual images or simply just a feel of deep relaxation in their body.

Reiki Treatment

Each Reiki session with us is about 1 hour 30 mins. This includes a pre-session brief and post-session debrief. The healing and energy received will depend on what your body and soul is ready to receive on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Most clients feel refreshed with an increased awareness on the challenges that needs to learned and cleared on your healing journey.

Conditions that Reiki is believed to help includes:
– faster recovery of common ailments
– relief of constant pain
– parallel treatment for cancer
– heart disease
– anxiety
– depression
– emotional and mental challenges
– releasing of trapped emotions
– chronic pain
– infertility
– neurodegenerative disorders
– fatigue
– autism
– mysterious pains and ailments
– spiritual guidance and clarity
– spiritual cleansing of your body
– serious illness*
*Clients are advised to seek concurrent professional medical treatment for serious illness and diseases. Energy Healing should be a form of alternative parallel treatment.

Through an extension of our services in Spirit Releasement, we also provide Energy Healing to help our customers clear the following:
– Psychic attacks
– magic/wiccha attacks
– Spirit entities attachment

Everyone deserves a chance to be healed. And everyone has the innate ability to heal as a gift from the gods. If there are any reasons you are unable to afford our energy healing treatment, please contact us for a discussion.

We are happy to help and our only ask is that you pay it forward to the next person in future.

Xun Reiki is located in Singapore. We provide Reiki Healing services in-person within Singapore and remotely via Distance Reiki if you are located overseas.

Booking Information:
1. Please use the calendar below to schedule an available appointment.
2. You can contact us on 87275008 if you have any questions prior to booking.
WhatsApp me at https://wa.me/6587275008
3. A Reiki Treatment session is SGD$105.
4. We will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your appointment.
5. Payment can be made in Cash, Paynow, Bank Transfer or Paypal (for Credit/Debit Card)

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