Reiki & Spirit Releasement Practitioner – Eric.

Eric trained with a team of international Spiritual Masters & Enthusiasts in Thailand several years ago before moving back to his home country in Singapore to setup his Energy Healing practice. Using a combination of spiritual and healing modalities such as Reiki, Aura Cleansing, Channeling, Spirit Releasement and Dowsing, his clients experienced vast improvement in their health conditions and emotional & mental well-being.

Besides clearing and balancing the natural flow of energy in the body, Eric assisted many of his clients to heal and recover from a range of mysterious pains and ailments. In rare occasions, there can be a spiritual reason behind these pains such as past and present trauma, psychic attacks, entities attachment…etc.

Eric also specializes in channeling Angelic healing with Archangels to help clients welcome peace, joy, abundance, love, stability and compassion in their life. He works with clients to attune and open their 12 Chakras so that you can commence your ascension to 5th dimension energy.

Years ago, Eric would never thought of himself as a Healer. But through the universe’s twist of events, he was introduced to Reiki and Spiritual Healing when he was based in Thailand for work. In one of his healing sessions, he regressed to his multiple past lives and understood his spiritual destiny as a healer. Eric chose to continue on his path as a professional healer in this life.

Everyone deserves a chance to be healed. And everyone has the innate ability to heal as a gift from the gods. It is our affinity to cross path in your lifetime. Let us have the opportunity to help you in your healing journey.

If there are any reasons you are unable to afford our energy healing treatment, please contact us for a discussion.

We are happy to help and our only ask is that you pay it forward to the next person.

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