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Reiki Teacher, Angel Teacher & Spiritual Practitioner – Eric.

Hello! Thank you for visiting Xun Reiki’s website. If this is the first time you hear about Reiki, I hope you will give me a few minutes to invite you to join me on this journey.

The Discovery
Several years ago, I was very blessed to be exposed to Reiki when I was working overseas in Thailand. I did not know why it had to take me across the seas before I had the opportunity to know about this beautiful gift of healing. Universe must have its reasons then.

Back then, I did not know anything about Reiki. The word had first popped on my laptop screen when I was googling for healing and spirituality in the office. This may be your similar experience now, coming across the word ‘Reiki’ for the first time.

Intrigued by what I read, I booked my first Reiki Treatment session with my Teacher. Aside from seeing some ‘flying’ colors during the Reiki Treatment, I did not experience much of the other effects. But I remember feeling very relaxed and refreshed after the session.

It must be the Universe’s arrangement or blind faith and trust in my Teacher that pushed me forward on my Reiki journey. I signed up for Reiki 1 class after that. I did not know what to expect or should I say, I had no expectations, except knowing that I may be able to help people one day with Reiki.

The Experience
Now, as someone who has embarked on this journey for a few years, I had experienced many beautiful miracles in my health, life, emotions…etc. So many positive changes has happened to me, my family and my clients.

My family was the first to be surprised. I was nicknamed as the “Paper Folded Tiger” since young. Although I was fairly large in size, I used to fall sick every month. After practicing Reiki diligently, I have not visited a doctor for the last few years. My Slipped Disc and Back Pain were miraculously healed too.

On extremely rare occasions when I fell ill, I self-healed with Reiki and recovered in a day. Thankfully, my wife and children hardly sees the doctor anymore too.

On top of the vast improvement in my health and vitality, I also found release in my emotions. Through the Reiki practice, I am not an angry person anymore and had found peace and calmness in my life.

With the awareness of these positive changes in my life, my family’s and my client’s life, I realized that I could not keep this as a ‘hobby’ or passion anymore. This is a gift of healing that can benefit so many people.

Following the guidance of the Universe and faith in Reiki, I made the bold decision during Covid period to leave a very decently paid corporate job. This allowed me to give full attention to my clients and students on their self healing journey.

The Commitment
Today, with the operations of Xun Reiki, I am very blessed to be able to guide my clients and students to work towards these similar benefits in their life. My goal is to help spread the authentic teachings and healing gifts so that more people can uncover their innate ability to heal themselves and others.

As a Reiki Teacher, I have completed 2 Reiki Masters and am qualified to teach both Usui Reiki Ryoho (Japanese lineage) and Usui Shinki Ryoho (Western lineage) forms of Reiki.

Whether you are on a self healing journey or looking to learn healing skills to heal a family member or friend, let me help you re-ignite this hidden light within you and accelerate you on the same healing path that I went through, in the traditional, correct and effective way. No shortcuts involved, I cannot promise you an easy journey. But I will be here to guide you on this path as you work towards your own self healing and release.

The right Teacher always appears when the Student is ready. If you want to be empowered to experience these positive changes in your life, I invite you to join our Reiki class to embark on your own personal journey. These classes are held regularly every month. The updated dates will be posted on Instagram, Facebook and our website.

For people who are curious about working with Angels, I also teach Angel Healing classes. Working with Angels can help to invite peace, joy, love, abundance and healing in your life. You will learn how to connect with the Angels to manifest beautiful miracles in your life.

I am a trained Angels Teacher, Transform your Life Teacher and an in- training Dragons Teacher with Diana Cooper School of White Light.

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