Angels Healing for Healers

Upcoming Classes:
14 – 15 October 2023 (In-Person Class)
11 – 12 November 2023 (In-Person Class)
30 – 31 December 2023 (In-Person Class)

Why Join this Class?

Angels loves us as humans with pure love and light. They are all around us waiting for us to extend a request to them for assistance. Our Angels Healing for Healers course is curated to pave the way for new and existing Healers to know Angels, connect with Angels and work with Angels as a healing modality to heal your clients, ascension of your own vibration and heal Mother Earth. If the energy of Peace and Love resonates with you, I warmly invite you to join us on this Angelic Spiritual journey.

Working and Healing with Angels is very different from a Reiki class. We are very passionate in Reiki, but we are aware that miracle healing, cleansing of lower energies, divine assistance…etc., can only be achieved with higher beings assistance. The energies channeled from Angels are exceptionally high vibration and filled with the unconditional love of the Divine.

What are Angels?

Angels are pure spiritual beings who come from the heart of God (Divine) and are the manifestations of unconditional love. Our planet is accelerating its ascension and taking all of us with it. Angels, Archangels and many other high spiritual Masters are coming to Earth in unprecedented numbers to help us now.

Do I have to be Religious?

Angels have been widely recorded in many religious records. They are frequently depicted as the messengers of God, passing important messages as human civilization evolve. After immersing deeply into this topic over the last few years, I found that you don’t have to be religious to be connected with Angels. Angels are spiritual beings who are non-denominational and help people of all religions and spiritual lineages. They are high vibrational beings who exude pure love. There are no other Spirit Guides that carries this similar peaceful energy.

Signs to Join this Class

Many of our students had joined the class when they begin to experience the start of an awakening process. This can present to us, but not limited to the following form:

1. Repeated Synchronize Numbers (Angel Numbers). 111, 222, 333, 444…etc.
2. Appearance of Feathers on multiple daily occasions
3. Notable Butterflies and Bird’s presence around you on multiple occasions
4. An shift in Consciousness and acknowledgement of the Spiritual Realm
5. Dreams of Angelic Beings
6. Feeling of their presence or see Orbs around you
7. A keen service mindset to help others

What can you achieve with this Class?

After completing this class, you will be able to invoke Angels and channel their high vibration energy for the following:

1. Perform Energy Healing with Angelic Being’s energy. This can be helpful for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.
2. Perform Distance Healing for others
3. Perform Cleansing, Removal of Spirit Entities and Removal of Psychic Attacks
4. Ask Angels for assistance in your daily life, work, relationship…etc.
5. Invoke strong protective energies from Angels
6. Work with other higher vibration tools such as Violet Flame
7. Manifest miracles for your highest good
8. Increase your personal vibration and ascend to 5th dimension and above
9. Greatly increase your intuition and psychic abilities

Your Angel Teacher – Eric

I am Eric from Xun Reiki. Aside from being a Reiki Teacher, I have been blessed to work with Angels for several years since my Spiritual Awakening. I did not have a full understanding of Angels in my early years, but I knew they were always around me. With strong faith and belief, I have called on them to join me in many healing sessions. My clients and I experienced many beautiful miracles in healing sessions and our lives. Several years later, I have studied in-depth on working with Angelic beings and I am now a Qualified Angel, Dragons and Unicorn Teacher with Diana Cooper School of White Light. I have developed amazing connections with Angelic Beings and would like to teach you the same effective ways to work with Angels to bring love, healing and miracles into your lives.

With my experience and knowledge in working with Angels, I would like to share these miracles with you via my 2 Days Course in Angel Healing. This is a wonderful class for existing healers as you will be able to add on new healing techniques in your current healing practice. On top of the new knowledge, you will also increase your personal vibration and light for ascension to 5th dimension vibration. This course is also good for aspiring beginners who has a strong affinity with Angels as your Spirit Guides.

An amazing number of our students and clients have experienced the miracles of Angels in their work, personal life, relationship, spiritual development and healing. This has happened as soon as Day 1 for some of them.

Angels Healing Course Content (2 Days Course)

  1. In-depth discussion on Angels and Archangels
  2. Signs and Symbols of Angel’s Presence
  3. Connecting with your Guardian Angel
  4. Activating your 5th Dimension 12 Chakra System
  5. Connecting and Invoking Archangels for Healing, Blessings, Protection and Manifestation.
  6. Hands-on Healing and Distance Healing Exercises with Angels
  7. Manifesting Abundance and Wishes with Angels
  8. Guided Meditations with Angels
  9. Protection and Purification with Angels
  10. Unlimited Free Revision in our future Classes

Course Fees: $500

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