Angelic Guidance

“I have my own Guardian Angels watching over me”

Your Guardian Angel loves you and wants to ensure the best for you. They are just waiting for you to reach out to them for guidance and advice.

Angel Oracle & Tarot Card Reading

In this 30 mins Card reading session, we will help to connect with your Guardian Angels to provide guidance and empower you to make insightful decisions on your situations, choices and challenges in your life.

You will be able to seek guidance and advice about anything. This includes Love, Career, Money, Family, Relationships…etc. Our readings are spot on and has helped many of our clients navigate through challenging situations.

This reading can be done anytime when you need their guidance before you make any major decisions. Your Guardian Angel is here to help and support the best outcomes of your life journey.

12 Month Oracle & Tarot Card Reading

Knowing the Insights over a 12 month cycle will help you to make better plans and major life decisions during the year. Using Oracle Cards, we connect with your Guardian Angel to provide you with the clarity on the most probable development in each month based on your current energy.

This is a very popular service at the end and start of each year. You are recommended to book early to secure an appointment.

Booking Information:
1. Please use the calendar below to schedule an available appointment.
2. You can contact us on 87275008 if you have any questions prior to booking.
WhatsApp me at
3. The Card Reading can be done in person if you are in Singapore or remotely over a phone call or Zoom.
4. A Guardian Angel Card Reading session is SGD$49.
5. We will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your appointment.
6. Payment can be made in Cash, Paynow, Bank Transfer or Paypal (for Credit/Debit Card).

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