Home Clearing

With a combination of Spiritual Healing and Spirit Releasement techniques, We provide Home Clearing services to cleanse your properties off negative energies, dense residual energy clusters, energy imprints and spirit entities from places like businesses, homes, schools, restaurants, shopping centers, warehouses…etc.

Energy Clearing

Heavy or dense energies can make you and the residents drained, tired, scared and have long term effects psychologically over time. As we are all spiritual energy beings in a physical body, we are sensitive to these energies and can absorb them into us over time.

Indications of heavy or dense energy clusters or imprints in your home or work space:
1) Feeling a thick cloud of heavy energy in a room
2) Feeling like walking through dense energy
3) Feeling of being drained or tired when sitting in your home
4) Sensing negative emotions in specific space like fear, anger, anxiety, despair…etc.
5) Sensing the building or land has a negative history
6) Sensing dark energy or shadows in your space

A lot of old properties in Singapore have a massive amount of history and hence potentially massive amount of residual energies. Energy clearing is recommended who anyone who is buying or renting old properties. You never know what you are moving into. Energy clearing can restore the space to it’s original energy, leaving you safe and comforted.

Spirit Removal

Spirit entities on your property can also create disharmony in the family and work environment. There can be unexplained quarrels, overheated emotions and/or change of behavior in the family members. Members of the household may also fall sick due to the exposure of negative energies in the house. Most hauntings are not negative. They are spirits just passing through or waiting for a resolution. We are a team of trained Spirit Rescue Specialist that can help these spirits find their resolution and cross over to the light. There may be rare situations where Spirits do not wish to cross over. We will work with the property owner on an agreement or to forcefully remove these Spirits from your property.

Your home is likely the most expensive asset in your lifetime. You and your family spend at least 8 – 12 hours in your home daily. Hence, it is important that you are living in positive, clean and charged energy.

This is suitable for new properties, purchase of used properties, offices and shops. Home clearing is a very specialized skill and service to be done by highly trained psychic professionals. It is different from traditional fengshui service provided by fengshui masters.

When used with a combination of professional fengshui, you will experience the best effects and positive harmonious energies for your family and business.

Feel free to reach out to us for a consultation on this service.

If you require a bundle service for Fengshui, we partner with one of the highly rated fengshui consultant (Master Anthony) in the market.

Home Clearing rates will vary based on the number of hours required and the size of the property. A typical House Clearing session takes at least 3 – 4 hours. For larger properties, it can take up to 8 hours on the property.

Prices for each Home Clearing session start from $688 onwards.
A Home/Property Clearing session includes the following:
1) Audit of your property’s energy
2) Identification and removal of negative spiritual entities on your property
3) Identification and removal of residual energies on your property
4) Identification and closure of spirit doors on your property
5) Cleansing of negative energies off your property
6) Invitation and charging of positive light and energy into your property

Properties in Singapore can be done in person at your place or remotely. For cases which needs to be done discreetly, we will recommend completing this remotely.

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Reach out to us to find out more about our House/Property Clearing Services.

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