Reiki Classes

Usui Reiki Ryoho Reiki classes comprise of 3 levels:
Reiki 1 Shoden
Reiki 2 Okuden
Reiki 3 Shinpiden

Upcoming Reiki Weekend Class Schedules:
Reiki 1 Shoden

21 – 22 October 2023
18 – 19 November 2023
9 – 10 December 2023

Upcoming Weekday Evening Class Schedules:
Starting 20 Nov 2023 (4 x Monday)

Reiki 2 Okuden
6 – 7 January 2024
6 – 7 April 2024

Reiki 3 Shinpiden
1 -3 December 2023
31 May – 2 June 2024

Mandarin Class (霊氣疗法华语班)
Reiki 1 霊氣初傅
Contact us for private class arrangement

Training Calendar will be updated periodically for more scheduled classes.
Classes Timing: 10am – 5pm
Evening Classes Timing: 7pm – 10pm

Venue: Xun Reiki’s Office
(20metres located beside Tai Seng MRT Exit A)

Our Training

At Xun Reiki, we teach traditional Japanese Reiki, Usui Reiki Ryoho lineage. This is the similar original Japanese style Reiki, which is still practiced in Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai in Japan. Join a community of like minded Reiki enthusiast who come together to practice regularly and advance our healing journey together.

Traditional Japanese Reiki is differentiated by its simplicity, practicality and its deep connection to spirituality. This is an empowering process where you are guided to discover healing within yourself. Students learn to build a solid foundation in how to feel and channel energy to heal yourself and others. They also learn to identify energy congestion in a person by scanning a person’s auric field and train to develop sensitive hands.

Hands-on Healing is a component of Reiki only. You will learn to develop a deep spiritual practice to heal and free yourself. This is a non-religious process. Key emphasis is placed on the precepts, meditations, techniques, blessings (Reiju) and the inner teachings of Usui Mikao. With your daily practice, you will release yourself from anger, worries and progress towards a life filled with gratitude, compassion and kindness.

This is the spiritual cure to all diseases and illness.
The secret method to invite happiness.
The true practice of Reiki.
And how Usui Mikao would have wanted his Reiki practice to be passed down.

The word “Reiki” nowadays can mean a different kind of new age energy healing. The word has been over generalized by the West. “Western Reiki” is now infused with many new age healing elements which includes a variety of newly created symbols, spirit guides, intuition, channeling…etc. Despite all these new additions, Reiki practitioners are still finding a gap in their understanding of Reiki. And many more are confused with these new age elements.

Hence, there is now a huge movement in the West where Reiki Practitioners are seeking the true roots of Reiki and finding themselves relearning traditional Japanese Reiki for its simplicity, spirituality connection and to understand the true essence of Reiki.

At Xun Reiki, our goal is to accompany you on your journey to be a competent Reiki Practitioner. Your journey in Reiki learning does not end with the class, it is only the beginning.

Every student is welcome to develop their skills at their own comfortable pace. After graduating from our courses, you will be invited to join our community of Reiki practitioners. We organize monthly Amazing Free Reiki healing sessions for our students to give Reiki to the public as real life practice sessions. You are also invited to regular free Reiki practice classes with other graduates. Your path as a Reiki practitioner will be supported by our community of like-minded friends and Reiki family.

Should you do this course?

Based on our experience and feedback, students who get immense value from our Reiki Classes have:

  1. A strong desire to seek alternative and complementary healing methods to heal from pain and chronic illness.
  2. To self heal, let go of painful emotions and to invite peace and happiness into your life again.
  3. A strong calling and compassion to help others. They are keen to use the Reiki skills to heal their family and friends.
  4. Deep spiritual calling to rise in their vibration. They would like to find out how to use the mysterious energy flowing through their body and hands since birth.
  5. Known they need to move ahead with their life. They would like to take proactive actions to heal their own personal health and emotional challenges.
  6. Been seeking a Reiki school that provides a supportive environment for their practice after graduating from the course
  7. Looked for a Reiki school that teaches traditional Japanese Reiki and provides opportunity for hands-on practice and quality training from in-person attunement and classes.
  8. Interest to learn how to physically and energetically feel energy and work with energy to give healing to others.

Benefits of Learning Traditional Japanese Reiki

There are many benefits associated with traditional Japanese Reiki. In its purest Japanese form, Reiki is a empowering energy healing for your physical and other etheric layers of your body. It is gentle, non-invasive and suitable for everyone. Some of the more common benefits are listed below:

1. Heal from injuries and chronic illnesses.

2. Maintain a balance of healthy energy exchange in your body. Your physical and mental state performs at optimum level.

3. Increase your physical body’s immunity strength and vitality.

4. Increase your body’s self healing and recovery from illness, injuries.

5. Detoxification and Cleansing of physical body and energy.

6. Releasing emotions such as anger, worries, anxiety, stress, hurt, fear…etc.

7. Finding peace and happiness in your life.

8. Developing positivity and finding gratitude in your life.

9. Building a strong spiritual connection. Uncover innate psychic abilities such as strong intuition, six sense, manifestation of your thoughts.

10. Improvement in human relationships and communication.

11. Increase your joy and abundance in life.

Reiki 1 Shoden Class

Reiki 1 class is the foundation of Reiki Energy healing. This is where you learn to feel energy and how to perform self healing for yourself. In traditional Japanese Reiki healing, we focus deeply in developing your spiritual true self. With the right mindset and discipline, you will be able to perform Reiki healing to your friends and family too. This course covers the first level Shoden, where you will be initiated into the traditional Japanese form of Reiki healing.

Course Highlights:
1) You will learn what is Reiki, the origins of Reiki, the spiritual element of Reiki. Differences between Japanese and Western Reiki.

2) The key to increasing energy from meditation. How to enhance and build your spiritual energy through Hara meditation technique. You will also learn to build a daily spiritual practice for yourself.

3) Hands-on healing method of Reiki. Theory and Practical.

4) Daily applications of Reiki to Humans,, Pets, Crystals…etc

5) Face to face Reiki Attunements

6) Step by Step Process of a Reiki Treatment

7) Unlimited opportunities to practice during and after the course.

8) Lots of Q&A

Reiki 1 Shoden course fees is $400 per participant. This includes a comprehensive manual and a completion certificate.

Reiki 2 Okuden Class

In Reiki 2 course, you will learn to develop a deeper understanding and connection to Usui Mikao’s teaching. The word Okuden means inner teachings, supporting your journey to give Reiki healing professionally. Okuden also means true healing must come from within. This is an intermediate level course where you will learn about the true meanings and usage of symbols and mantras in Reiki.

Course Highlights:
1) Connection with Heaven and Earth’s energy. This is the first step to becoming fully integrated with the Universe.

2) Deep meanings and practice of using Reiki Symbols (Shirushi) to enhance your healing.

3) Practice of chanting mantras (Jumons) to enhance your spiritual practice and Reiki energy.

4) Provide Reiki healing over distance remotely.

6) Steps to Performing a Reiki Treatment Professionally.

7) Guided to work towards a state of Non-Duality and Oneness

8) Face to Face Reiki Attunements

9) Unlimited opportunities to practice during and after the course.

10) Lots of Q&A

Reiki 2 Okuden course fees is $550 per participant. This includes a comprehensive manual and a completion certificate.

Reiki 3 Shinpiden Class

The Reiki 3 Shinpiden class is a Master level class to uncover the final teachings of Usui Mikao. This is a level not to be taken lightly as the class also prepares you with the solid foundation to teach Reiki when you are ready. At Xun Reiki, we align our curriculum closely with the Japanese system, we do not have Reiki 4, or Reiki Master Teacher levels. This does not exist in the original system. Hence, our entry requirements to Reiki 3 requires completion of at least 30 full hands-on sessions.

At this level you move into discovering more about the mysteries of life. How you relate to yourself and the universe. This can be practiced for the rest of your life and is always a personal practice which can develop into a professional teaching practice if you so desire.

With deep practice at this level, you rediscover that you are, and always were, a Great Bright Light.

Course Highlights:
1) Deeper practices with the Reiki Precepts

2) Master level techniques to connect with Emptiness

3) Practice of Symbol 4 and the chanting mantras (Jumons) to become the Great Bright Light

4) Performing Reju and Attunement for others

5) Becoming a Reiki Teacher

6) Setting up Reiki 1, 2, 3 Class outlines

7) Shinpiden Healing

8) Face to Face Reiki Master Attunements

9) Unlimited opportunities to practice during and after the course.

10) Lots of Q&A

Reiki 3 Shinpiden course fees is $1100 per participant. This includes a comprehensive manual and a completion certificate.

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FAQS About Learning Reiki with us

What is the difference in the Reiki taught by Xun Reiki?
All forms of Reiki are good healing energy. There are many modern new age forms of Reiki now. The original Japanese form of Reiki was discovered and taught by Usui Mikao in 1922. This form of Reiki continues to be practiced in Japan under the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai. It is known as the Usui Reiki Ryoho lineage.

After Usui Mikao’s passing, his Reiki student, Chujiro Hayashi trained Hawayo Takata as a Reiki Master. As a Japanese staying in Hawaii, Takata wanted to bring this wonderful healing modality to the West. But she knew the Westerners will not be able to accept the deep spirituality teachings in the Japanese way. Hence, they modified the ways of teaching Reiki by removing some of the Spirituality elements in it. With Takata’s passing, this Western version Reiki has gone through many further new age modifications since then. Today, this form of Reiki has many names based on the new age elements integrated into it. The original form from Takata and Chujiro is known as Usui Shinki Ryoho.

In Xun Reiki, our Reiki Teacher has completed both Western Reiki (Usui Shinki Ryoho) and Japanese Reiki (Usui Reiki Ryoho) Masters. We choose to teach the original form of Japanese Reiki as the deep essence of healing is within the spirituality of Reiki. The effects experienced in the healings are long term. You will graduate with a Reiki 1 Shoden, Reiki 2 Okuden or Reiki 3 Shinpiden under Usui Reiki Ryoho lineage.

What will our Reiki learning focus under the Usui Reiki Ryoho lineage?
Usui Reiki Ryoho’s Reiki teachings focuses on the 5 key pillars to support your healing and spiritual growth.

  • Reiki Precepts
  • Techniques and Meditations
  • Diligent Hands-on Practice
  • Symbols and Mantras
  • Blessings (Reiju and Attunement)

With the diligent practice on these 5 key pillars, you will experience long lasting transformation of happiness and health in your life.

Will I be able to perform Reiki treatment after Reiki Level 1 Class?

Yes, anyone who completes our Reiki Level 1 Class will be able to channel Reiki healing energy effectively after the class. Reiki is an easy to learn healing modality because it does not require years of training before you are able to channel healing energy (Rei). You will receive attunements in the class so that you can be connected to Universe’s energy for healing.

As you continue your daily spiritual practice as taught in the class, your personal energy (Ki) will expand. Your understanding of the energy and connection will deepen over time. This will gradually develop you into a more effective Reiki Practitioner.

How will Xun Reiki support me after completing the classes?
Besides the in-depth hands-on experience that you will gain from the classes, you are welcome to join all practice sessions held regularly from a weekly to monthly basis. All Practice Sessions under our Reiki Teacher’s guidance is FREE.

We also organize a monthly Free Shuyou-Kai event (on the last Friday of every month) for all our Reiki students to join us for practice of the precepts, meditation and to receive an attunement to enhance your connection with Universe’s energy. This is a recommended practice in Usui Reiki Ryoho lineage to support student’s spiritual growth.

Once you have sufficient experience, your Reiki Teacher will invite you to join our monthly Amazing Free Reiki Day. You will have first hand experience in sharing the gift of Reiki healing to the public. This is our way of giving back to the society in our little way.

We organize these practice sessions and monthly Xun Reiki community event because we believe spirituality and healing is a life long process. This is an environment to support your growth and development.

What is my progression path of learning Reiki with Xun Reiki?
In Xun Reiki, we are here to support you to grow your Reiki journey at your own comfortable pace. For Reiki Practitioners who are keen to work towards providing Reiki treatment services in future, we will recommend that you acquire sufficient experience before progressing to the next level.

On completion of Reiki 1, it is recommended to complete 10 Full session Reiki Treatments for different Receivers to progress to Reiki 2.

On completion of Reiki 2, you will need to complete 30 Full session Reiki Treatments for different Receivers to progress to Reiki 3.

The requirements for Reiki Level 3 is comparatively higher because under the traditional teachings of Usui Reiki Ryoho, there is no Reiki Level 4 or Reiki Master Teacher levels as seen in the modern Reiki lineages.

In the lineage of Usui Reiki Ryoho, there are only 3 levels. Aside from expanding your energy and consciousness with Reiki in Level 3, you will learn how to teach Reiki and give attunements at Reiki Level 3. Hence, it is very important that the Reiki Level 3 student has acquired sufficient experience and knowledge on Reiki before they should consider joining the class. This is to ensure the correct integrity and understanding of Reiki is taught to the next generation.

Where do you teach your Reiki Classes?
All levels of Usui Reiki Ryoho Reiki classes are currently taught in-person at our Xun Reiki Studio. This is conveniently located beside Tai Seng MRT Exit A.

We will be introducing online Usui Shinki Ryoho Reiki (Western Reiki) classes in the near future. This can be learnt at the comfort of your home. Students can opt for Distance Attunement or In-Person Attunement separately.

Do you teach Private Reiki Classes?
Yes, Private Classes on Weekdays can be arranged. Please reach out to us for a discussion on this.

Do you offer Weekday Classes?
Our Reiki group classes are held on weekends. We found that some students may have to spend time with family on weekends. Hence, we have launched Weekday Evening Classes recently.

Weekday Evening Classes is from 7pm – 10pm. And you will need to attend a total of 4 x Classes (once a week) to complete your level.

Can apply the Reiki skills learned to Animals, Plants and objects?
Yes you can! Once you have learned how to channel Reiki energy, you will be able to apply this same Reiki energy to heal Animals, Plants, Insects, Objects…etc. You do not need to attend a specialized Reiki course on this.

With the deep connection of Spirituality taught in our Traditional Japanese Reiki Classes, you will be a more effective Reiki Practitioner. Healing effects will be lasting.

Do you have more Questions?
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