Aura Reading & Spirit Guides Channeling

Soul Destiny’s Aura Reading

Our Aura Reading service helps you to identify your Soul Destiny’s Aura within your own chakra. In this reading, you will find out what are the dominant aura colours in you. These layers of different colours and it’s intensity will give you a direction on your spiritual path. Unlike your etheric aura layers captured by Kirlian Cameras, your Soul Destiny’s Aura is fairly stable and seldom changes. It is fairly stable throughout your life time and it contains the DNA of your spiritual path.

The sample Soul Destiny Aura above shows the aura of a Spiritual person who is destined to spread love and light in a greater scale than 1 to 1 person healing. The dominant white light on the outer layer shows very high vibration potential in the person. And the yellow and orange layers highlight the healing energy in the person. Depending on the person’s development. This may or may not be awaken within the person yet but the person possess the innate potential.

Spirit Guide Identification

As a Spiritual Practitioner and Light Worker, you will attract and expand your team of Spirit Guides to help with your desired purpose. Your Spirit Guides is your team of spiritual helpers. Each is unique for a specific purpose. For example, if you are naturally more connected with Nature, your Spirit Guides are nature-based and will work with you to heal Mother Earth, plants, land…etc

Our Spirit Guide reading service will help you to identify your pre-dominant Spirit Guides in your life, at the point of reading. Knowing your Spirit Guides can allow you to form a stronger connection with them. You will know which Spirit Guide to connect for your personal guidance, resulting in better outcomes for your Spiritual Work.

Spirit Guides are broadly categorize into these 7 main groups:

  1. Angels
  2. Ancestors
  3. Nature Spirits
  4. Animal Spirits
  5. Star Beings
  6. Ascended Masters
  7. Deities

Who is this for?

  1. Experienced Spiritual Practitioners who are seeking affirmation
  2. New Spiritual Practitioners who are curious and keen to connect wtih their Spirit Guides
  3. Non-Spiritual Practitioners who are curious and keen to identify their potential

The Reading Process

You will be required to relax and lie down on the treatment bed for the reading session. Our Spirit Guides will connect with your Higher-Self, Chakras and Spirit Guides for this reading session.
– The scanning process is usually about 15 mins.
– The debrief session is about 15 mins.

While we endeavor to do a complete reading in each session, there are rare situations where some of your Spirit Guides does not wish to show themselves. This is usually because the person needs to complete some ongoing challenges in their life or the timing is not right yet. There are also cases when a new Spiritual Practitioner has just started their spiritual journey and they have not attracted any new Spirit Guides to join them yet. Each person should have at least 1 dominant Spirit Guide with them.

During the reading process, we may also uncover lower energy spiritual attachments and entities attached on the person.

All information will be shared transparently with you during the debrief to help guide your spiritual path.

Xun Reiki is located in Singapore. The Aura & Spirit Guides Reading is done in person at our office. Please use the following Calendar to book an appointment. A representative from Xun Reik will reach out within 24 hours to confirm your appointment.

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