Angel Healing Services

Angel Healing Services

Angels loves us as humans with pure love and light. They are all around us waiting to extend their healing to us. In an Angel Healing session, your healer will work with the Angels of Healing and several Archangels to channel the high vibration energy of unconditional love and light for your healing.

During an Angel Healing session, the Angels of Healing and several Archangels are invoked to channel the healing of their golden light and love via the Healer’s hands. We call these the “Golden Hands of Love”.

Effects of the Angel Healing Session
1. Deep relaxation and a feeling of high vibration positive energy in the body.
2. Restoration of the light transmission between cells and major organs in the body. This can initiate self-healing ability of the body.
3. “Miraculous” Healing may be experienced under the grace of the Angels.
4. Balancing and clearing of the Chakras.
5. Healing and Protection of all Etheric layers (Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual).
6. Feeling of Unconditional Love and Light from the Angels. Deep support in your Emotional and Mental challenges.
7. Initiates faster recovery and release of illness and pains.
8. Relief and release from tiredness, anxiety, insomnia, sadness…etc.
9. Experience a sense of positive energy, joy, peace and love from the Angels.
10. There is no limit to the effects that may be experienced from person to person.

Who is suitable to experience an Angel Healing Session?
Anyone is suitable to receive a healing from the Angels. As Angel Healing is a form of Faith based healing, the receiver needs to accept the presence of Angels.

Experiences during the Session
To enjoy the best experiences in an Angel Healing session, it is recommended for the receiver to be open and relaxed during the session. The following are some of the effects shared by our clients:

1. The feeling of ‘touch’ from the Angels. This may be felt as an embrace, a touch or a feeling of energy flowing on your body.
2. Visions of white or golden light.
3. Visions of Angels or other high vibrational beings present in the session.
4. A pressure of energy felt on the areas where they are feeling congested or unwell.
5. Feeling of ‘Swaying’ or rocking during the session
6. Unexplained release of emotions and tears
7. Feeling of lying down on soft cottony clouds/pillows

Book an Angel Healing session with us!

Booking Information:
1. Please use the calendar below to schedule an available appointment.
2. You can contact us on 87275008 if you have any questions prior to booking.
WhatsApp me at
3. An Angel Healing session is SGD$120.
4. We will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your appointment.
5. Payment can be made in Cash, Paynow, Bank Transfer or Paypal (for Credit/Debit Card)

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